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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. secretary of state john kerry says the media should go quiet on terror. well now the white house is responding. welcome everyone i'm stewart va barney in for neil cavuto. john kerry created a firestorm when he said this, no country is immune from terrorism, perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn't cover it quite as much. people wouldn't know what's going on. to kevin cork on what the white house is saying about that. >> reporter: every now and again the secretary of state can be a bit inartful in the way he's trying to describe a particular
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issue and in this case i think in his defense what he was trying to suggest was there's not enough context being given within the reporting. listen if something happens overseas or even here domestically we'll be all over it. this is a 24 hour cable world. but, i think where he sort of falls on it just a bit here is a suggestion that, you know, maybe if they didn't talk about it so much people wouldn't be so worried about it or so up in arms about it and in sort of an irrational way. the problem is it's not only real it can happen anywhere. we've seen this. we've talked about this in our coverage time and time again. i don't care if you're in nice or san bernardino, terrorism can happen anywhere and i reject this notion that somehow if we simply talked about it less people would be less concerned or maybe less up in arms about it. the idea about context, those i'll give him that. again that all comes with the territory of responsible reporting. >> what was the white house
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response? i know you asked a question of the spokesman this afternoon. what did they say in response? >> reporter: josh earnest the white house press secretary, he didn't dodge it. he worked his way around it a bit. i think what he tried to say perhaps as best he could was that the president has made this point before which is you have to give context. you don't want to make it seem like terrorism is every where every day and people should be on red alert but at the same time he did acknowledge the truth is we're doing our job every day when we talk about it and that was a bit of a departure from what secretary kerry had to say it. >> thank you, kevin. let's go to former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. now, mr. ambassador, you're smiling. what's funny about this? >> well, you know, there's a thing called the washington gaffe and the washington gaffe is a political leader inadvertently speaking the truth or revealing the truth and i think what john kerry did with
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that remark was show exactly what the obama administration thinks. they don't believe we're in a war with the terrorists. they don't think that the west is threatened at all. they say it's not the end of the world, just may be a few hundred innocent people being killed every year. so if people would just stop talking about it then you wouldn't have these demands that the administration treat the ideology behind the terrorism seriously. so i think he meant exactly what he said. he just wishes the media would stop covering it so they could get on with their narrative that this is a law enforcement matter and not a war. >> if we were winning the war on terror, i presume secretary of state kerry would like us to broadcast that and report on it. so i have to conclude that if he wants the media to stay quiet about it we're in fact losing. are we? >> i think we are. the administration's own senior officials have testified to that
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effect repeatedly in public before congress saying that we are at equal or greater risk of terrorism than we were before 9/11. i think this goes to the white house comments today about you have to show context, that it's not every where, every day. that's great. that means you're acceptable level of terrorism is what exactly. one attack per week? one attack in europe per week? i think the american people believe their government's real obligation is to protect them from terrorism. not most of the time. how about all the time. you may not succeed but that should be your objective. >> isn't there a danger here if you suppress the news, you don't talk about it, rumors start? speculation starts? because nobody trusts exactly what's going on. >> well nobody trusts the media these days anyway but, in fact, we can see in europe, we can see in this country active efforts by the government to suppress the truth. look at the attack at the orlando nightclub, the pulse
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where the police had a transcript of the terrorist in his comments to the police on the 911 line basically declaring his allegiance to isis and the united states department of justice wanted to release a redacted copy of that transcript of the call to take that all out. we know in many cases what later proved to be attacks by terrorists in europe in particular are described in the newspapers merely as an attack by an unidentified 25-year-old male. who later turns out to be a terrorist from the middle east. you know, this does go to your point that people assume that when the truth is being withheld things might actually be worse than what they are and this is the central point. barack obama doesn't trust the american people on terrorism. he's afraid they will overreact and ask that the u.s. do something forceful which as you well know will simply replicate the cycle of violence and make
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it worse because as you know a lot of this is our fault. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. more than 10,000 syria refugees arrived in america this year. 99% are muslim, less than 1% christian. is that a problem? let's ask conservative commentator, the american-islamic for democracy and julie. why so few christians? they are the ones who are being persecuted and slaughtered in north africa and the middle east. >> the united states is from a position of tough love, someone who is trying to get my family out. the bottom line is this what happens when you have a policy that's bias by negligence intelligence, ththat doesn't have a filter of political islam. christians are caught in the middle between radicals of isis and sunni islamism and radicals
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of hezbollah, and the others who are destroying syria. in the middle are christians. they can't go to refugee camps because they are persecuteed. when you have this darwinian policy you don't vet for ideas. if they did their job and stepped away from the negligence you would have more christians. before the war we had 50-50. now it's 99.9% because there's no policy. >> julie, we're not looking for a religious test here. not looking to say to people are you christian or muslim or whatever. surely what we would want to do is to bring people here who are genuinely and obviously persecuted. that means surely more christians. >> you're absolutely right. we're not looking for a religious test and if you're not looking to ask people whether they are christian or what kind of muslim they are, sunni or shi'ite, and all the different ethnicities and cultures and religions you have in syria
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alone, since we're not looking to do that, chances are we're going to get what we got. the reality is there's plenty of people -- >> you can't be happy with that. >> am i happy we're admitting 10,000. >> 99% muslim and less than 1% christians. >> they are not the only ones being persecuted. there are policemen of muslims out there -- i'm sorry i have to say this. this is not a situation you have in egypt with you got the christian community being persecuted in ways that the muslim community is not. this is a country at war where bombs are being dropped daily. not just on christians. christians are amassed in cities. people living outside of the cities being persecuted like in aleppo. but they are full of muslims as well. the problem is it's not limited to just christians. >> nigel this is for you. i'll roll a sound bite from bill clinton where he's talking about what he would do with these refugees. roll tape. >> the big loser over this in
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the long run is syria. this is an enormous opportunity for americans. detroit has 10,000 empty structurally sound houses. the mayor is trying to do an innovative urban homesteading program there. >> bill clinton wants to put them in detroit. >> wow. >> you say what? >> it sounds he wants to remake motown and make it into little damascus. maybe we should be asking the question. not setting a religious test but asking a legitimate question. not just a question of christian versus muslim, but what type of muslims? is it shi'ite muslims coming in? from what i understand in the articles that i read on the way to the studio it seems like a disproportionate amount of sunni muslims, bigger percentage than the population that's in syria. we're not even talking religious minorities within islam that are
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coming over. of course we know many sunni muslims, i'm not an expert but we do know many sunni muslims are aligned with isis. so maybe we should take theorred ask the questions, the hard questions about not just a question of christian or muslim, but what type of muslims are coming into our country. seems progressives love the question of immigration and love to have an open border policy in regards to immigration. what has made america the most successful country in the history of mankind is not just immigration. it's assimilation. it's bringing people here -- >> i'm very sorry, ladies and gentlemen, i'll give you the last 20 seconds. >> my20 seconds is the reason you see that is because in syria the regime is aligned with the iranians who are shia. that's why you're seeing persecution of sunnis more than anybody else. that's why you're seeing syrian
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refugees that are shia coming. >> people that come to america, that's america's traditional role and christians are being slaughtered by the thousands. they should be here in greater numbers. that's all the time we got. all of you, thank you very much for joining us. now this. the italian navy reportedly rescuing nearly 7,000 migrants and refugees off the libyan coast just since monday. it's being called one of the largest rescue operations ever in the mediterranean. remember the story we brought you yesterday about a south carolina high school banning students from bringing the american flag to football games. the principal claiming students could use the flag to taunt players on the opposing team. since our report the principal of travellers rest high school has reversed his decision and the flag is back in. trump to kaepernick.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. . the countdown is on for the persist presidential debate september 26th. according to reports hillary clinton is already digging deep on how she can dig into donald trump. get him rattled. we go to lancaster, pennsylvania for the latest. mike. >> reporter: there's some
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traditional study by hillary clinton, traditional preparation for the upcoming presidential debates but fox has confirmed they are also looking into some of donald trump's biggest insecurities hoping to fluft fl him. clinton team is speaking with psychologists and trying to figure out hot button issues for trump. the hope is to bait trump to make blunders in the first presidential debate. fox said clinton campaign has consulted with the co-author of "the art of the dale." we spoke to schwartz today but he decline to comment. our democratic source told fox as an example rubio's hands comment back in february took trump off his game whereas he's well prepared for accusations of bankruptcy and other matters he's had to answer for in the past. the idea is creating several memorable moments that most of
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the country will be wassing about the day after that first presidential debate. >> thanks for much. donald trump has a problem with kaepernick's protest. the nfl could have a problem of its own. opening weekend starting on sunday september 11th, and unlike professional basketball the nfl does not have a rule prohibiting players from taking a pass on the national anthem. to holland hill andy lie an. the 49ers plan to start kaepernick in the last pre-season game i think it's thursday night in san diego. what do you think will be the reaction to him on the field? >> i think he'll be booed. this guy has between resep current of every advantage the american dream has to offer. and he's betrayed the sacrifice of millions of american veterans. the founding fathers that came before us. so it's disgusting, it's repugnant and the nfl needs to take a hard stand.
1:18 pm
>> what about the idea of a new rule, you stand for the anthem. the nba has that rule. why done the nfl? if they don't they got a real problem on september 11th. >> you're absolutely right. the timing couldn't be worse. i think it's smart business to have that rule. i say that if you look what happened last year football players walking off the field in protest. ticket sales down by more than a million dollars. merchandise sales down pretty significantly. sports fans don't want their sports to be politicized. if they do they want a pro american bent. >> now when kaepernick appears in this last pre-season game in san diego, if he is booed and given a very hard time by the crowd, that could be a test case both for the 49ers and the nfl. if he gets that very negative reaction, then they may change the rule, do you think? >> i absolutely -- you pair that with the fact not to get too
1:19 pm
down in the weed he's not the player he once was. this may provide a convenient out for the team to sideline him. >> but if he's sidelined, not the starting quarterback, he then turns around -- i'm supposing here -- he turns around and says see racism. >> this is totally the wrong issue. what country besides america has these issues, natural rights based on that. if he's going to target and be a spokesperson for a complaints this is the wrong symbol to do it with. big mistake. >> do you think opinion is hardening against kaepernick. >> absolutely. >> one issue absolutely everybody is coming together on. >> good heavens, unity. thank you very much. bracing for a storm in the gulf. are drivers now bracing for higher prices at the pump as a result? and europe slapping apple with a $14.5 billion tax bill. is this a shakedown of american companies?
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critics calling it a shakedown after europe slams apple with a $14.5 billion bill. for what? fox business network is on it. laurie? >> reporter: this is the largest tax bill that the eu has ever made regarding a single cope. it goes back to 1991 when apple and ireland agreed that apple would pay low tax rates in exchange for putting its european headquarters in ireland. both parties agreed. well now fast forward to present day and the european union is saying no, that's not fair. now apple you have to couple with $14.5 billion u.s. to make
1:24 pm
up for that lost time. so basically you got a situation now with apple coming backswinging saying not only will they appeal but going down to ceo tim cook we either pay those taxes or jobs. you're not going to have the job growth you would have had with this incentive that allowed us to grow so fast and successfully in ireland and the rest of europe. the white house today saying it's unfair to u.s. taxpayers because if apple ultimately has to pay this tax bill to the european union, it might get to write it off on its u.s. tax bill too. back to you. >> thanks very much. now more on this. mark says this is nothing more than a shakedown of american companies. he's joined by daniel and grant. first to you, mark. you call it a shakedown. make your case. >> well, stewart, i see this as
1:25 pm
a brexit backlash. you have european bureaucrats who are making a power play against one of their own member nation. the finance minister in ireland has even oppose this move by the eu. you got countries like ireland and luxemborg that created low tax for business to get more jobs. it was a great deal for. le and ireland. i see this as a backlash against the brexit vote. we may see an irexit. >> tim cook organizeed a fundraiser for hillary clinton and has given a lot of money to the democrats in this election cycle. our treasury department did go to bat for apple on this european issue. do you think tim cook and apple backed the wrong candidate? >> i don't think this is about candidates or who gave money to whom. to me i look at the bigger picture with this situation. apple should be ashamed of themselves. why? they are seeking the lowest tax location in the world when they should be doing their business
1:26 pm
right here. >> there's something wrong with that? >> they should stop avoiding taxation here in america, sending american jobs overseas and being part of the problem. and i really reject -- i think most americans object to it. it's a major problem we have and apple is perpetuating that problem. >> daniel, danielle, do you think that apple should be paying america 35es% tax rate? >> it's 39.1% when you throw the state tax rate in as well and that puts us just above two other countries in the developed world in terms of having such high tax rates. what you're looking at right now is more systematic of the fact we haven't been table reform our corporate tax code in such a long time that as a nation we've become uncompetitive. maybe ireland's 12.5% tax rate is too low but our near 40% tax rate is too darn high.
1:27 pm
>> you know what you get with that high tax rate? stability. you thought you were getting something in ireland that you weren't, in fact getting. and now apple is suffering some of the backlash. >> no. no. look -- >> you get one tax rate and you live by it. >> this is punitive. >> this is -- >> apple has -- apple can't win. it's punitive in europe where the eu is trying for this power play against apple and many other companies. in the united states for yagt years barack obama could have done something about the corporate tax rate and chose not to. and hillary clinton by the way will have an increase on corporations, eliminate the loopholes and keep the tax rate where it is. >> do you think other companies, other major american technology companies, google, amazon, microsoft will they be hauled before the european tax court and made to pay billions as
1:28 pm
well. >> without a doubt. it was apple's $200 billion cash stash that made them the primary target of the eu. but other technology companies as well as pharmaceutical companies will be on the radar screen of the eu going forward. but they are really playing with fire here. they are questioning ireland's sovereignty. questioning ireland's ability to create its own tax and after wh great britain i they they are barking up the wrong tree. >> let me ask you this question. what tax rate, what corporate tax rate, how much down should it come to bring all -- it's a trillion dollars worth of these profits overseas, how low should the tax rate go to bring it back here. last to you. >> i think that something in the 20s range would be better. but the more important question to ask is whether or not there's going to be restrictions placed on these companies bringing the money back into the united states. last time that happened it was a
1:29 pm
complete political backfire because they didn't know what they promised to do with the repatriated profits. there needs be a much more stringent plan going forward. >> good debate and i'm sure it will continue. now, it looks like a sea of red. look at it all. look it a. what is this going to mean for your labor day travel plans and prices at the pump? and voters heading to the poll this hour in key primary races, what will the outcome tonight mean for the presidential race in november? se amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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larry the cable guy usually so jovial. what is it about the 2016 race that has him so angry. find out. trump set to give his big immigration speech tomorrow in arizona. january brewer is here. back in 60.
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look at this. nasty storms churning up just about every where as residents prepare should labor day travellers be on guard as well. janice decean is on it. >> we have a lot of activity happening. three hurricanes and two tropical depressions, talking about hawaii. very cautionary here as we have two major hurricanes making a bee line towards the big island. here's the first one, madeleine category 3 comes just south of the big island. you see that cone of uncertainty there. we're certainly going to feel
1:34 pm
the effects of this storm heading into thursday. our next storm system this is leicester coming north of the big island. so hawaii needs to be very cautious over the next couple of days i know they are preparing for the potential of two hurricanes very close. gaston won't hurt us but we're watching two tropical depressions. number 8, number 9. this is tropical depression number eight, still think it will strengthen. however it will move north and east. we'll get some showers and thunderstorms not a great day at the beach today or tomorrow but that's going pull away to the northeast over the next couple of days and not affect us. but this thing, this one is starting to get its act together. we think 5:00 p.m. advisory could get a name and come close to hurricane strength as it makes landfall sometime thursday across the big bend of florida. you see those temperatures, the water temperatures here. so we could see some strengthening over the next couple of days. again, landfall we think sometime thursday across north
1:35 pm
florida, the big bend of central florida needs to be on alert. we could potentially see it restrengthen into a hurricane as it moves off the coast and comes very close to the carolinas. one thing is for sure we could get several inches of rainfall in some cases eight inches plus in isolated amounts and see the potential for tornadoes. thursday as we have land falling tropical system. here's one of our reliable forecast models as we get into thursday. we think perhaps a strong tropical storm, maybe a hurricane and then watch what happens as it gets off the coast of the atlantic here, just the north carolina coastline here that could potentially be a hurricane and some models are actually indicating perhaps this storm could move back towards the coast for labor day monday. so we're going to be watching this certainly the wave heights will be high along florida and, of course, we'll see conditions start to go downhill tomorrow,
1:36 pm
thursday and friday and watching this very carefully as we get into the libd weekend. back to you. got it. thank you very much. a number of oil companies are shutting in production throughout parts of the gulf of mexico. that did not affect the price of oil today but phil flynn says that could change soon. phil, are we looking at higher prices for gasoline at the pump because of this? >> initially. already we've seen wholesale buyers start to buy gasoline ahead of this storm to make sure they have enough in case of a worse case scenario. it depends on the track of the storm. i mean right now we're shutting down production 22% of oil production gone in the gulf of mexico. 11% of natural gas production is off line. if this storm veers into some of these critical producing areas it could mean that gasoline prices will stay high for a long period of time. cube major price shock on it was line. there's the other side of the
1:37 pm
coin. if this storm does veer across florida and turns into the rain maker that janice dean said along the northeast coast it could impact demand. whatever price spike we get initially from the storm could turn into a sell off later on because demand gets shut in because of the rain and people staying home. >> now quick question. how much per gallon do you expect gasoline to go up? >> we're already seeing, on the gulf coast and in the wholesale markets prices are up five to ten cents. if the storm gets worse it could be as much as 25 cents a gallon. if the storm passes the prices could come down quickly. now here's the blue collar comedian known to make millions laugh. but now here's something different from larry the cable guy. he's here to talk about the election and it's no laughing matter. he's here next. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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you know him from his stand up comedy. earlier this morning larry the cable guy dropped by barney and company. plenty of laughs to start with. then we got into what he really thinks about the 2016 race and the clinton e-mail scandal. take a look at this. >> i don't hate anybody at all. i have different political opinions so let me just say this. one, there's people in jail that have done worse than she's done. she's a criminal. that's a fact. i mean there's people -- there's people going to jail for doing what she did. you know, i think, look, when you have somebody running for president that's committed the crimes that she's committed, by not concealing her e-mail, putting them on servers that people can get into and then flat out looking at the american people and lying to them. i mean when she said i've
1:42 pm
released everything i got. go ahead and look at them. release everything. guess what here we are seven months later they just found 15,000 more you didn't release. she acts like that's no big deal. i'm a pretty even kieled dude. just be honest. just be honest. do we want to elect somebody that's already looked you straight in the eye and flat out lied to you. really? i'm not saying the other guy is any better but i'm just saying. i don't want somebody like that leading the country. i mean, when you're getting bold face lie to you. some people are apologists. they could care less what she does. they hate the other side so bad. i'm not that way. it's like just be honest with me. >> i could tell you really feel about this. that's the first time you've ever talked and gone out of
1:43 pm
character. >> it's a serious issue. in a love the country. i want it to do good. but i do not want my elected official to look me in the eye, lie to me and do something completely different and then be mad at me for what i say about it. that's b.s.. >> larry the streaming guy will look at that -- >> i'll tell you something else, varny -- >> thank you. >> i got hair.j-- >> thank you. >> i got haiv-- >> thank you. >> i got haia-- >> thank you. >> i got hair-- >> thank you. >> i got hain-- >> thank you. >> i got haie-- >> thank you. >> i got haiy-- >> thank you. >> i got hair. sfa we'll be back. the cable guy has to go elsewhere. >> it's time for something completely different. they were leaders in irthat's right but after today's primaries could the party be over for more than one of these incumbents. we'll be live from the primary state. ♪"all you need is love" plays
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the united states centers for disease control issuing travel guidance to singapore 0 over the zika virus. the number of confirmed cases of zika in singapore rising to more than 80 on tuesday. big primaries in florida and arizona today where some big name incumbents are hours away to find out if they stay or go away. first to miami, florida, phil keating watching the race there's. >> a couple of races in florida, one featuring debbie wasserman-schultz.
1:48 pm
she's in the middle or at least until tonight her biggest primary challenge she's had in decades, this despite the rainey day with pockets of rain outside, people did show up today to vote around the state. congressman wasserman-schultz, well she's backed by hillary clinton in a what is seen as a proxy rematch between clinton and bernie sanders. sanders supports law professor tim conova. he feels wasserman-schultz is beatable after she had to resign her chairmanship of the democratic national committee because of that e-mail scandal. >> tim wins the primary then he'll go to washington with limited influence and no experience. if wasserman-schultz retains the seat she goes back to washington with a severely hurt brand. >> republican senator marco rubio facing four challengers for his senate seat. the strongest coming from
1:49 pm
conservative developer carlos beruff. who the winner faces in november will either be pa try murphy or alan gracin. polling data suggests both murphy and rubio should win tonight quite comfortably and then the other polls that are already looking forward to this murphy versus rubio november showdown showing rubio up barely by three percentage point but within the margin of error so this will be a very competitive, very expensive race. for the democrats it's a very important one because they have the quest this year to retake control of the u.s. senate and winning marco rubio's senate seat is seen as critical to doing that. >> now to arizona where gop incumbents senator john mccain and sheriff joe arapaio are fighting to keep their jobs.
1:50 pm
>> reporter: good afternoon. senator john mccain himself has called this the political fight of his life. he's up against a primary republican as senator mccain, himself, seems to try to distance himself from the top of the republican ticket. that opponent is also making senator mccain's age an issue. he turned 80 just yesterday. in one interview, kelly ward went as far as to say senator mccain might actually die in office if he wins another term. she told me today that the senator's 80th birthday should be honored by his retirement. despite all that, mccain is expected to win. he will then go on to face a pretty tough democratic opponent in the general election in november. that is congresswoman ann kirkpatrick.
1:51 pm
well funded, has good name recognition. in the latest reliable poll, cnn poll, mccain still had a lead of about 13 points. the other notable primary election today involves the controversial maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, facing three republican challengers, after criminal contempt of court charges against the sheriff for ignoring an order to halt his signature and immigration patrols. for pretty much every race here in arizona, stewart, immigration is going to be a major issue. that is exactly why senator mccain, sheriff arpaio and every other candidate is going to be watching very, very closely tomorrow when donald trump arrives here to deliver what he is, of course, billings a major immigration speech. after the primaries, that immigration speech, donald
1:52 pm
trump's words could affect so many races and so many political futures here in arizona. stewart? >> jonathan, thank you very much. let's go toz's former republican governor, and trump supporter, jan brewer, on what the primaries in her state may mean to trump's campaign. they are pointers, are they not, for the level of support which donald trump has in arizona. correct, governor? >> right. absolutely. but, you know, stewart, the campaigns here are working really hard and john mccain is a warrior. he campaigns hard. he is going to win this overwhelmingly and move on to the general election and win that too. he has been out on the road. he's going to get the job done. >> let me ask you about sheriff joe. if he were to lose, would you say that that's a serious blow to donald trump's chances in november in arizona?
1:53 pm
>> gee, i haven't given that any thought. i think people would still support donald trump. what donald trump is doing is enforcing the rule of law. he wants the rule of law enforced. he wants to build a law, make sure there's no amnesty. he wants to make sure there's no sanctuary cities and he'll get that done. in regards to joe arpaio, he evidently has been shown in contempt of court and we have to see what goes on. i don't think they're connected. i really, really don't. people here love joe arpaio and know his record. they also know what mr. trump is going to do. >> governor, a lot of people want to know about the hispanic vote. we've seen polls recently which show that immigrants, hispanic immigrants to america are overwhelmingly going to vote for hillary clinton, but native born, american-born hispanics, there, the race is much closer.
1:54 pm
hillary has a significant edge over donald trump but it's much, much closer together. is that the same that you're seeing, that native-born american hispanics are closer to trump than immigrant hispanics? >> i do agree with that. you know, they are concerned about the same things that we are all concerned about. jobs, opportunities. they want -- they believe in the rule of law. it's just that simple. eventually, i guess, everyone will understand what the rule of law means. >> i want to run a sound bite from rudy giuliani, part of the trump campaign, talking about what donald trump would do if he were elected president on the immigration front. roll tape. >> going to go after dangerous criminals first, less dangerous criminals second. by the time we get there, we'll see what our population is of noncriminal illegal immigrants. >> do you think that would be
1:55 pm
popular, governor? serious criminals first, out. not so serious criminals next and out, too? >> well, i believe that everybody understands in regards to what donald trump has said. that's a good beginning. again, we need to get the borders secure, need to build that wall, address those kinds of issues. >> okay. >> it's a heck of a lot better, stewart, than what hillary clinton is proposing. >> trump supporter, former arizona governor jan brewer. thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> wait for it. we have some news on neil. we'll be right back. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be
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craso come dive into disheser like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. facing more questions today, 20 senators sending a letter to mylan, saying measures to lower the eepi-pen price doesn't go far enough, well defined industry tactic to keep costs
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high through a complex shell game. mylan stock down 1% today. neil is coming back one week from today. boy, does news travel fast. >> it's incredible, truly amazing. >> i'm thrilled. >> the bang i got for my buck just as an audience was really exceptional. >> see, even hollywood stars are excited. but neil is back next tuesday, september 6th, 12:00 noon on the fox business network then again right here 4:00 pm on "your world." we know you miss him as much as we do. we know that. share your thoughts via twitter or facebook using #cavutoreturns. if you're a glutton for punishme punishment, you can watch me weekdays 9:00 am through 12:00
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noon on the fox business network. we'll try to get larry the cable guy back. i'm not sure he is willing to come back. thank you very much for joining us. "the five" is next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with juan williams, alyssa francis, eric bolling, greg gutfeld and this is "the five." 70 days until election day and donald trump seems to be gaining on hillary clinton in the polls. the latest survey shows them seven points apart, as opposed to 13 earlier this month. trump clarifying his stance on illegal immigration tomorrow. more on that in a moment. first, fbi is preparing to release materials in relation with hillary clinton's e-mails as soon as tomorrow. the white


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